ST. CLOUD -- With water everywhere and no place for it to go, many places around St. Cloud are experiencing flooding.

Places like Anton's and the Knights of Columbus Park, which are next to the Sauk River, are seeing a majority of the flooding issues.

Anton's says this is the latest flooding they've seen at the restaurant. Typically the water succeeds by June. They also say they've watched the water rise about 6 inches in a two hour time period yesterday.

Currently the Sauk River is under a river flood warning. In the month of May alone we've already had twice the average precipitation.

Benton County has also been dealing with flooded roads, with storm drains and grass not being able to absorb the water fast enough.

In the first three months of Spring (March, April and May) we have already collected 13.84 inches of rain. That makes this the second wettest spring on record in St. Cloud.

The Sauk River is expect to crest by tomorrow (Friday), however the weekend forecast is calling for rain tonight, tomorrow and Saturday.


Water rises into the parking lot of Anton's. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)