ST. CLOUD - A longstanding Pawnshop in east St. Cloud is closing down later this year.

Granite City Pawnshop is at 424 East St. Germain Street. Owner Ken Finken says it's time for him to retire, he's selling the building and business. He started the Pawnshop about 43 years ago.

"I would go to Detroit a lot of times and buy stuff from Pawnshops there and my cousin said to me one day 'well why don't you start one here?' - so I did!"

The pawnshop will be closing on October 31st. They're no longer accepting pawns and are looking to sell what's in the store.

Finken says he's seen no shortage of interesting items presented to his store through the years.

"Everything and anything came in - when I first got in business, the one thing I remember is a guy came in and wanted to pawn two monkeys. And I said I don't take monkeys."

Finken adds that it's been interesting to see an increased interest in Pawnshops recently due to reality TV shows...even if they aren't always realistic.

"Yeah, when you own a pawnshop you don't ask an expert what it's worth, you'd better know right now," Finken says while laughing.