ST. CLOUD -- As the needs of District 742 shift, the former Wilson School is no longer a part of their future.

When it comes to what to do with the site, the district has been considering selling it for six years. The district has seen offers for the building in the past and seems determined to move on from it.

School Board Chair Al Dahlgren says the district has been stuck on how they have the dual responsibility to get a decent value for the property and ensure they're acting in the best interest of the community.

"Is our goal, our requirement that we bring in the most money possible, without regard to how that building is used? Or do we consider how that building is going to be used and choose a responsible offer."

Dahlgren says in discussions with district attorneys, state rules are murky when it comes to what a school district needs to choose in these situations. He says decisions around the building's sale have been stuck in the finance committee, and it's time to change that.

"And every year new members come on to the finance committee, and so we have a whole new group of people, going through this loop with this building, and it's been six years, so it's time to bring it forward and come to a decision."

The district wanted to accept an offer several years ago, however, the non-profit developer was only going to buy the building if they could re-zone it for multi-residential housing. While the city was willing to re-zone, neighborhood residents fought the measure.

Dahlgren says the board will be holding an open discussion on the building's future at their work session on March 7. The tentative hope is that they'll be able to formally vote to put the site up for sale at their meeting on March 22 after all options are discussed.

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