ST. JOSEPH - Even with a fresh six inches of snow on the ground, over 90 disc golfers gathered at Millstream Park for the 22nd Annual Ice Bowl on Saturday morning.

The ice bowl takes place every year no matter what the weather conditions are. Some disc golfers arrived several hours early to clear snow and make paths in the park. Amanda Henry, a coordinator of the event, says that disc golf isn't just a sport that's played in nice weather.

"Here in Minnesota, disc golf is definitely a year round sport," Henry says.

The Ice Bowl is also a huge fundraiser in the area. Every year thousands of dollars are collected by players for the Ice Bowl to be donated to local charities. This year a grand total of $10,677 was donated. $130,438 has been collected since the tournament started 22 years ago.

"We normally average around $10,000 per year in donations that the players bring in," Henry says.

The money is typically donated to Catholic Charities and Salvation Army food shelves. Additional information on the event can be found on the Ice Bowl website.


(Dan DeBaun, WJON News)