ST. CLOUD -- Food is scarce and the current drought is only making conditions worse in Somalia. But you can help provide some relief for the struggling nation Friday by grabbing a bite to eat.

As part of the statewide fundraiser, Dine Out For Somalia, Deg Deg Grill on the east side of St. Cloud will be donating a portion of their sales to go toward relief efforts in Somalia. Owner Mariam Farah says people are depending on our community to lend a helping hand.

"There are so people that have family members in the western world but there's so many that don't have any that can support them. We are the only hope they have in survival."

Deg Deg Grill will be giving 50 percent of Friday's sales to the relief effort. If you'd like to make a separate donation, you can do so at the restaurant.

The initiative hopes to raise over $150,000 to help feed more than six million people.

Some of Deg Deg's most popular menu items are their California burrito, pineapple quesadilla, grilled hummus and gyro wrap.

Several restaurants in the Twin Cities area are also taking part in the initiative, check out the full list of businesses below.

  • African Paradise
  • Afro Deli - St. Paul
  • Afro Deli - Minneapolis
  • Alnoor
  • Baarakallah Restaurant
  • Cairo Grill
  • Dallo
  • Deg Deg - Karmel Village
  • Deg Deg - Village Market
  • Deg Deg - St. Cloud
  • Eden Prairie Halal
  • Franklin Restaurant
  • Hamdi Restaurant
  • Jubba Restaurant - Village Market
  • Kaah
  • Karmell Restaurant
  • Kilimanjaro Restaurant
  • Kulan Restaurant - Village Market
  • MashaAllah Restaurant
  • Quruxlow
  • Sahan Mall - Village Market
  • Sanag Restaurant
  • West Bank Groceries & Deli
  • Sagal Restaurant
  • Twin Cities Deli & Coffee
  • Willo Restaurant - Karmel Village
  • Barwaaqo Coffee - Village Market
  • Capitol Cafe
  • Mapps Coffee
  • Xijaz Smoothies & Coffee - Village Market
  • Sudi Coffee - Village Market


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