ST. CLOUD -- Journey under the sea as GREAT Theatre dives into a classic performance of Disney's the Little Mermaid this weekend.

This musical love story is based off of the Disney animated film. Jade Sheriff and Lorelie Miller are mother and daughter performing for the first time on stage together. Sheriff says it's a great bonding experience for them.

When she comes out on stage I'm backstage so I can see her walk on and my heart almost explodes. I just loved it when I was younger and I'm glad she has the experience to do it too.

The show features everything from majestic costumes, colorful sets and realistic swimming and flying effects.

Miller says it's been helpful to have her mom around.

She always knows what to do. If I was here by myself I would just be everywhere, not knowing where my stuff is and she just has it all under control.

Both Miller and Sheriff say the show really brings families together and kids will get a kick out of seeing their favorite characters come to life.

The sold out performance kicks off Friday and runs through February 10th.

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