ST. CLOUD - There appears to be a split among young people in the Republican Party over the issue of gay marriage.

The two-term chairman of the Minnesota College Republicans announced today (Wednesday) his support over legalizing same sex marriage.  Ryan Lyk says he wants people to know that not just Democrats support the issue.

Meanwhile, Steven Espeseth is a member of the St. Cloud State College Republicans organization. He says their local chapter didn't take a public position on the Marriage Amendment question last year, because they didn't all agree.

He says he thinks gay marriage is wrong.  But he also says he would prefer that states gets out of the marriage license business altogether.

A recent Star Tribune poll says a majority of younger Minnesotans ages 18 to 34 support legalizing same-gender unions.

Minnesota's Legislature may vote on whether to legalize gay marriage later this spring. So far only one Republican lawmaker openly supports the bill.