CLEARWATER -- Clearwater park-goers should soon see some relief from the sun.

The city is looking to add several pavilions to various parks in town. City council member, Andrea Lawrence says the pavilions will be a nice area for families.

"Last month, the council approved to use up to $100,000 to make several open-air pavilions at most of the parks to just get some relief from the sun and to have an area where people can picnic. For the most part, the pavilions are up to two picnic tables per pavilion."

El Dorado Park is expected to get up to four pavilions. Meanwhile, Spring Street and Riverside should each get one pavilion.

As for Lion's Park and Sportsman's Park, each already have pavilions, however, Lawrence says they are looking at adding to them.

"At this point maybe an open-air pavilion off of their existing structures. That might change and not come in with the $100,000. The Administrator is going to work on some bids and plans and come back to the council on that."

All of the pavilion upgrades are expected to be completed before the end of the year.

In other park news, Riverside Park's new play structure should be installed by the end of August and some 3D targets are in the works for the Clearwater's Archery Park.

Clearwater completed their updates to El Dorado Park in 2016 and has since been in the process of making upgrades to other parks.

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