MOORHEAD -- The Clay County Commission voted to continue to accept refugees. The resolution was crafted after an executive order from President Trump that requires local government consent before refugees are resettled to an area.

County Commissioner Kevin Campbell says the result of the vote does not surprise him.

With refugees and immigrants, it does come with challenges. The nice thing about clay county and Moorhead Minnesota, we work through those. And we work together. I agree today I think it's a proud day in Clay County that we're accepting people to come here and live.

The resolution was well received by local residents like Tracey Wilkie who attended the meeting.

I've met many refugees that love it here and contribute to the community and pay their taxes. And I'm thankful that you're welcoming.

The vote was unanimous and no one at the meeting spoke in opposition of the resolution.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.  

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