ST. CLOUD - Not many people can claim they've paddled a canoe 2,600 miles across North America, but a group of Cathedral High School graduates spent the past summer doing just that.

The group's first "Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition" presentation was held on Thursday night at Cathedral High School. Peter Marshall, Steve Keaveny, Winchell Delano and Matt Harren shared stories, photos, video clips and maps documenting the 4 and a half months they spent trekking through Canadian Territories to the Hudson Bay.

The trek took the group from Alaska, through the Canadian Rocky Mountains before ending at the Hudson Bay.

Peter Marshall, '00, says he's been obsessed with canoeing and charting trip routes since he was a kid. He credits this fascination with keeping him going through the most difficult legs of the expedition.

"It's its own kind of fun," Marshall says.

Marshall and his partners raised money for the trip through a combination of private donors, fundraisers and sponsors.

Marshall says he's now devoting much of his time to working on a 25 minute film of clips from the trip, called "2600 Above 60," as well as a book of memoirs.

He plans to give another presentation on the Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition sometime in March.