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ST. CLOUD - Dozens of art club students at Cathedral High School got into the Halloween Spirit by carving up some unique pumpkins today.

"It's for the week before Halloween, we get everybody together and they choose their own design for the pumpkin." Darien Schmitz, the President of the art club says.

Each student got to choose their own unique design using stencils from the internet. Everything from Star Wars characters to animals were available for students to pick from. Students typically spend several hours carving their pumpkin.

After the pumpkins are carved, the students can take them home, or find a place in the school to display them. Pumpkins are preserved by using Vaseline on the inside.

The tradition of carving pumpkins started a dozen years ago when art instructor Tony Keller invited his students to move beyond the simple two eyes and toothless grin designs on pumpkins.

The event also allows students to simply enjoy the fall and Halloween atmosphere.

"We got the candy out, just overall a fall and Halloween type atmosphere" student John Deaton says.


Cathedral Art Club Students Carve Their Pumpkins (Dan DeBaun, WJON News)