ST. CLOUD -- A man from Canada faces several charges after he was accused of soliciting two ten-year-old girls from St. Cloud over social media.

According to the criminal complaint back in March one of the girls received a friend request on by a man named Tommy. He started sending one of the girls sexual messages and asked the girls to send him nude photos and videos of themselves. The girls say this would go on for several days.

The man then told the girls he wanted to meet them at a hotel and have sex with them.

Investigators were able to trace Tommy's account and identify the man as 38-year-old Bryan Pringle, of Niagara Falls, Ontario.

He was arrested and taken into custody in Canada. A warrant has been issued to extradite Pringle to St. Cloud.

He faces five counts of solicitation of a minor, two counts of 2nd degree criminal sexual conduct and engaging in electronic sexual communication with a minor.