ST. CLOUD - Someone spray painted graffiti on the front wall of the Granite City Baptist Church in St. Cloud last Friday. Now a group of residents are raising money to remove it.

Jim Turck says the church has just temporarily covered up the swear word.

Its kind of been covered up somewhat, but it's street side and the appearance is pretty bad. Now, if it was on the back side, we probably would have tried to power wash it, which really doesn't work that well. Or, use some different chemicals.

Turck says the plan is to replace the damaged siding, which will cost about $1,000. The church insurance has a $5,000 deductible. Turck says they've raised about $800 so far.

The vandalism happened prior to the appearance of speaker Usama Dakok.

If you'd like to donate money:
Checks can be made out to: Granite City Baptist Church
Sent to: Professional Investigations
P.O. Box 541
St. Cloud, MN 56302