ST. CLOUD -- Students in the St. Cloud Area School District will not be allowed to wear hats, hoods, and other head coverings in class for the time being.

At Wednesday night's meeting, the school board voted down a proposal to amend the dress code policy to allow students in grades six through twelve to wear hats through the end of the school year.

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The vote to deny the changes passed four to two. One board member was not present at the meeting. Board Member Zachary Dorholt says he believes students are inclined to rebel against set rules.

You tell someone to do it, and they say no because they don't like being told what to do, they don't think it's justified, and they dig their heels in deeper. That's what I see as the hang-up still - the time teachers have to take to fight what we call reactance.

Board Clerk Les Green presented his concerns that allowing hats would have unforeseen consequences.

It allows people with the let's all act black solidarity disorder to bully other students. It will use the weaponized stupidity of the phrase acting white as a label to shame and bully students into the conformity of acting black. For example: wearing hats, hoodies, and do-rags, using speech patterns that feign ignorance, and exaggerated walking styles.

Other board members brought up concerns that amending the policy would be eliminating long-standing traditions and community standards, and show the district was giving in to the demands of students.

In December, the proposal came to the board based on feedback from teachers who were asked by the district what was not working and where they needed extra support from administration.

The board may choose to review the policy again this summer.

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