UNDATED - The holidays are a time for joy - but they can also be a headache for travelers battling traffic and winter weather.

With this in mind, the Better Business Bureau has tips for making this holiday season a safe one.

The best way to fight holiday travel stress is to give yourself plenty of travel time. Make sure you watch your speed - speeding tickets and accidents are a sure fire way to throw a wrench into your schedule.

Keep a safety kit in the trunk of your car, with things like blankets, a flashlight, first aid kit and jumper cables. Also, don't forget your ice scraper and warm gloves.

Make sure your car is in solid working condition by checking fluid levels and tire pressure.Consider investing in snow tires if your journey is taking you into wintry conditions.

Lastly, avoid being taken in by distractions while driving. Use of hand-held devices like cell phones and GPS while driving increases the risk of serious accident by four times. If you're behind the wheel, let someone else in the car do the talking and navigating so you all get to your destination safely.