SAUK RAPIDS -- Graduation ceremonies are moving forward in the Sauk Rapids-Rice school district.

Superintendent Brad Bergstrom says commencement will be inside the Herb Brooks National Hockey Center at St. Cloud State University on Tuesday, June 1st at 6:00 p.m.

He says they are allowing up to eight people per family to attend.

Our seniors really wanted to graduate together and they wanted to go across the stage and we'll be able to do those two things as part of our planning.

Bergstrom says seniors and their families will be getting more specific information about the graduation ceremony Friday.

The Sauk Rapids-Rice school district is continuing to prepare for summer school.  Bergstrom says they are getting some additional funding for the program this year so they'll be able to provide transportation for the first time.

There is also some money specifically for social-emotional support for students.

Bergstrom says they are expecting enrollment in summer school will be a little higher than in previous years.

What we are anticipating this year is we'll get more to come simply because of some of the options that we are providing for families.  We're going to have a grab-and-go breakfast, we'll have a hot meal for our kids at lunch, we've got transportation.

However, Bergstrom says the overall anticipated learning loss due to distance learning isn't as much as originally feared.

He says families in the district should be looking to get more information about summer school coming out soon.

As for the Pleasantview construction project, Bergstrom says the building is beginning to take shape and is still on track to open in August of 2022.

Bergstrom is wrapping up his first year as the district's superintendent.

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