SAUK RAPIDS -- A Benton County road project who's cost estimate has tripled since it was proposed five years ago is prompting county officials to go after state bonding money.

The project known as "3 Up the Hill" has gone from an estimated $2-million to complete to $6-million.

The project would widen County Road 3 from Second Avenue North in downtown Sauk Rapids to Highway 10.

County Administrator Monty Headley says the estimate has gone up because of additional right-of-way needed to widen the road and the cost of buying those homes has also gone up. An estimated 16-to-20 homes will need to be acquired to widen the road to four lanes. It could also include round-a-bouts at busier intersections.

Headley says the county board of commissioners are expected to pass a resolution today asking the legislature for $6-million in bonding money.

Two-million dollars would go for right-of-way acquisition and the remaining $4-million would be for construction.