BENTON COUNTY -- With acts of violence or terrorism unpredictable, officials in Benton County are doing their part to better prepare area employers and employees for emergency situations.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office released a series of videos addressing common public safety threats in the workplace.

Sheriff Troy Heck says they began the project last year, to help prepare Benton County employees to address the threats posed by an active shooter, violent customers, or suspicious packages.

"We like to make sure employees are prepared as possible for any of these dangerous and potentially life threatening situations," says Heck.

Heck says while the videos are designed for business in Benton County, the same concepts can be used for business in surrounding counties.

"A business could very easily show this video and then talk with them on how this situation applies to us and here's what you should do at our place of business," says Heck.

Heck encourages all employers to use these videos and hopes it prepares their staff to handle any situation they may face.

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