ST. CLOUD - The building that's currently being used as the Chancery House for the St. Cloud Catholic Diocese began as the Bishop's House nearly 100 years ago.

The building was built in 1916 by then Bishop Joseph Busch, at a cost of $45,000.  Busch's mother, Anna Busch, donated $30,000 toward the construction. It was Busch's home for 36 years.


Even though today it's been fully converted to office space, much of the original integrity of the home remains. On the first floor, you can see what was once the Bishop's study, bedroom, and living area. French double doors divided the living spaces from the more public spaces.  What was once a breakfast nook, has now been converted into a fireproof safe for archives with files on all the churches and priests in the diocese.

The second floor is where you'll find the Bishop's office now. A conference room for larger gatherings once was the library, there you'll still find the original china made in France for Bishop Busch with lettering B.B.

Up on the third floor is a chapel where Diocese staff still hold a daily mass.

Down in the basement what was originally a billiards room has been converted into the library. They also have displays of memorabilia from various Bishops who lived there.

Also worth noting are the five fireplaces throughout the building.

In 1982 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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