ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University has completed its multi-million dollar renovation of the Atwood Memorial Center.

This $4.8 million dollar remodeling project started April 29th and was completed August 12th.

Margarget Vos is the Former Atwood Director who helped start the project. She says the student union wanted the remodel to emphasize St. Cloud State's culture.

"The student union really wanted Atwood to feel right away, as soon as you walked in, like St. Cloud State."

The majority of the renovation's include additional space for student organizations, staff offices, and infrastructure, which was around 25,000 square feet.

Other renovations included video-projection systems, rehearsal rooms, dining area, additional computers, printers and phone-charging stations.

Mohtasham Yaqub is a student at SCSU. He says he is very please with what the university has done.

"I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. There is more seating space for students to interact."

Nearly 12,000 people visit the Atwood Memorial Center each day, Vos says by making these additions, Atwood will become a central place for students to go.

Students enjoy the new lounge in Atwood Memorial Center. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)