ST. JOSEPH -- Thanks to some great tunes, the small town of St. Joseph is about to see a big spike in population.

Now 12 years old, the 2 day festival brings a lot of fun to town. Richard Schwegel is the Chair for Joetown Rocks, he says the show makes the town about 4 times bigger than normal.

"Probably around 20,000...that's what we had last year and we expect at least that much this year."

This year features performances by:

  • All Saints Academy Students
  • The Graduates
  • Collective Unconscious

Including a special performance dedicated to the late Bobby Vee by The Killer Vees.

"Bobby lived out here for years and helped get Joetown Rocks going. Since he died last year, we thought it'd be great to honor him."

The concerts will be wrapped up by Minneapolis favorites Brat Pack Radio.

For Independence Day, Joetown Rocks has a parade, more food and drink, and a lot of stuff for kids, highlighted by a train-ride.

Photo by : Alex Svejkovsky
Photo by : Alex Svejkovsky

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