UNDATED -- The race for Minnesota's 7th Congressional District just might be the closest of all the contests for U.S. Representative in the state.

Eric Ostermeier is with the Humphrey Institute. He says who wins between longtime incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson and his Republican challenger Michelle Fischbach is a big unknown.

If for some reason the 7th CD goes from a 30 point Trump victory to say 35 points I think it will be extremely difficult for him to hold his seat.  If we see a pullback against Trump in that district from say 30 points down to 25 points, even with the stronger more well-funded nominee Michelle Fischbach I think there's a chance he can hold his seat.

Ostermeier says Peterson has name recognition going for him and he is the chair of the House Ag Committee. On the other hand Fischbach, a former State Senator and former Lieutenant Governor is probably the most well-known candidate he's had to face.

Peterson has been the 7th Congressional Congressman since 1990. Two years ago Peterson won by a margin of 52 percent to 49 percent.

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