ST. CLOUD -- Members of the propane and fuel industry gathered just outside of St. Cloud for the opening of the new Rockville Propane Terminal.

Pat Wenner is the President of the Rockville Propane Terminal. He says the upgrades will increase overall production.

"We updated the terminal this year to ten rail towers and two loading bays where we can load semis every 15 minutes," says Wenner.

Thanks to their partnership with CHS Inc., Wenner gas can now store up to 620,000 gallons and have the ability to unload 10 railcars every 4.5 hours.

CHS Marketing Director Matt Kumm says the partnership was a great decision.

"CHS and the Rockville Propane Terminal teamed up so there would be a supply on hand when it's needed and where it's needed," says Kumm.

After this winters propane shortage, Wenner says the terminal additions will help limit a shortage in the Stearns County area.

"With loading two semis at a time every 15-20 minutes we can make sure we have enough supply to cover the back side," says Wenner.

Wenner Gas and CHS says they expect great things from the terminal, however Kumm says this is only one piece of the puzzle.

"I would encourage people to take a look at investing in storage so you can take advantage of lower prices on propane," says Kumm.

The new terminal will fulfill its aspiration to expand its energy platform, and be the leading domestic supplier of propane.


Pat Wenner gives a tour at the new terminal at Rockville Propane Terminal. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)