ST. CLOUD -- Many families and pharmacies are growing more concerned as a nationwide shortage of EpiPen medication is the latest drug to grow scarce throughout the country.

The drug is often the only life saving medication for people who suffer from severe allergic reactions.

CentraCare Pharmacist David Thomas says the FDA did extend the expiration dates for some of the medication, but that may not be as helpful as it sounds.

They did extend certain lots another four months, but many schools, they want a new prescription in their hands at the beginning of the school year. I don't know if they would even allow something, even the FDA says the expiration date will be extended.

Along with EpiPen pharmacies across the nation are seeing a severe shortage of drugs such as the new shingles vaccine.

Thomas says there are drugs similar to the EpiPen that are available, however that too is also running low.

EpiPen is just one brand name manufacturer, there is another manufacturer that can deliver the same dose called Adrenaclick. It's used a little different but it still delivers the same medication, but that is also in short supply.

He says to call multiple pharmacies to get on other waiting lists depending on how urgent the medication is needed.

Thomas says while this is a critical situation, there are rumors more medication will be available by the end of the year.

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