Courtesy of Patrick Dewane

COLLEGEVILLE - Veterans' Day is a time to remember and celebrate the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country and for freedom.

Patrick Dewane has immortalized his grandfather's World War II story in a one-man multimedia show called 'Accidental Hero.' The play tells the story of how his grandfather became the commander of a division in the army with the assignment of liberating southern Czechoslovakia. His grandfather, who spoke Czech, decided to go ahead of the unit to see what the situation was.

Dewane's grandfather became a hero to the Czech people. During the liberation of the capital, there were banners made out for him.

Dewane's grandfather didn't talk about his experience during World War II.  Dewane only learned of the story after writings by his grandfather were found after his death. Dewane made the writings into a one-man play, and has actual World War II footage and pictures to go along with it. Dewane says the performance has become a channel for other veterans, and veteran's families to share their story.

Patrick Dewane will present his grandfather's story this Saturday at the Steven B. Humphrey Theater on the campus of St. John's University. Tickets are $24, $21 for seniors, $14 for faculty & staff, and $10 for students & youth. One complimentary ticket will be given out to military veterans with a Military ID. CLICK HERE for ticket information.

Dewane says it means a lot to him to tell his grandfathers story right around Veterans' Day.