Photo by Justin LaBounty
In the photo from the left to right Jerry Tippelt, Mayor Duane Willenbring, Don Simon and Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall.

ROCKVILLE- 2017 is barely a month in but big changes are taking place at the Rockville Town Hall. The first city council meeting of the new year saw the swearing in of new mayor Duane Willenbring. Willenbring

has over 30 years of experience and has been on the council for eight years. The Mayor was voted in this last fall in a close race.

Along with his years of experience around the city, Willenbring is also deeply involved with multiple state and national boards. Everything from the Rocori Trails commision to services committee for the League of Minnesota Cities.

All the experience Willenbring brings will be a real benfit for a council that sees itself with a lot of changes for 2017. Don Simon was reelected while first timers Devin Cesnik and Jerry Tippelt were also sworn in. Cesnik was voted in by the council members to fill the seat left vacant by Mayor Willenbring. Richard Tallman rounds out the council. Tallman is in the middle of his 4 year term.

Mayor Willenbring said "I am very open to citizen engagement, I want to change the myth that the city council is unapproachable."

The mayor even brought the idea of having an open forum where the public can come in and have a listening and learning session where he is the one learning from the people of Rockville.

Mayor Willenbring has been active in Rockville for a long time and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.