If donning your wackiest costume and jumping into the icy waters of Pleasant Lake in rural St. Cloud is your idea of fun, then you need to be at The 6th Annual Polar Plunge. The event raises millions of dollars for the Minnesota Special Olympics each winter as intrepid, hearty folks from all walks of life take a brief, yet 'exhilarating' (their word NOT mine) plunge into the snow chilled water of local lakes and ponds all across the state.

Chad Trench, the Law Enforcement Torch Run Manager for Special Olympics Minnesota, called into The Pete & Doug Show today (Feb 5) to encourage you to join the ranks of Polar Plungers. Chad says that despite the bone-chilling water, the sometimes skimpy and always outrageous costumes, and the long line of participants, the event always ends up being fun for the plunger.

This year's Polar Plunge takes place on Saturday February 16th, at the 400 Club on Pleasant Lake. Chad said there's still time to get a team together and to get your pledges in order if you want to be a solo plunger. You can register, and most importantly pledge your dollars online or at the event itself. There are 19 Polar Plunges across the state this season. Last year the St. Cloud Plunge raised over $108k with 640 amazing people taking that 'exhilarating' step into the 'cool', crisp waters.

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