When it comes to Mother’s Day, your mom falls into one of two categories:

Easy To Buy For


Impossible To Buy For.

Obviously, you can pretend to make the fishing opener a ‘Mom Event’, but she knows how you operate, she’s just not saying anything. Maybe you've planned to surprise her with a box of store-bought chocolates just after that restaurant brunch. Go ahead, because you know ‘she’ll remember that‘. So, If you’re still stumped, or as in my case, super-lazy (gee, thanks mom) I've dug up 5 places you can bring mom that are within driving distance of Central Minnesota.

Now, you may have to grin and bear it on a couple, but all are guaranteed to bring a smile to just about any mom’s face. Best of all, a couple actually happen on Saturday or on multiple days over this coming weekend, so you can do more than one if you really want to hang around mom beyond the required.

So forget the silly restaurant brunch and the grocery store chocolates, because these little day trips are ready for you with a minimum of planning and a maximum of motherly fun.