ST. CLOUD -- The massive power-line project known at CapX2020 is expected to provide thousands of jobs, and...

generate billions of dollars. 

A new study suggests the power-line project will generate over 570 jobs this year, over 2,200 jobs in 2011, nearly 4,600 jobs in 2012, and at it's peak in 2013 nearly 8,000 new jobs will be created. 

The study was commissioned by the CapX2020 utilities, and was put together by the University of Minnesota-Duluth.  It also found CapX2020 will generate $1.6 billion in wages, rent and profits from construction payroll spending, and $3.4 billion in sales.  There will also be an estimated $149 million in tax revenue for four states. 

CapX2020 officials have already broken ground for construction of the Monticello-St. Cloud transmission line at the Quarry substation west of St. Cloud.

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