Maybe it was the weather, the drinks, perhaps the music took over? Or was ill-timed fate for two destined lovers, passing like ships in the night, unaware of what was waiting for them just a few steps away. I love looking at the missed connections on Craigslist, and one from FireFest stood out. Maybe we can connect these two and see if there really was something there, or perhaps it was simply a moment in time.

FireFest ...Hot Lady in Pink Boots and Black Shorts (Cold Spring)

You were wearing black cutoff shorts and Very nice pair of Tall Pink Cowgirl Boots.......we made eye contact with each other a number of times and we could take our eyes off each other.....I am the very tall guy in the black hat....I regret not coming over and introducing myself.....I tried to find you again later but with no luck......Hoping that you will see this .....I would like to take you out for dinner and get to know you more....Our very tall man in the black hat may have missed out on something special.

Having attended FireFest, I gotta say there were ALOT of pink boots and cutoffs, but maybe this is what this missed connection needs, some attention as it was listed nearly 19 days ago and it doesn't seem like she saw his plea for dinner. So Hot Lady in Pink Boots and Black Shorts, what do you say to our very tall black hat-wearing friend? 

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