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SAUK RAPIDS -- It's been an interesting growing season for farmers this year. The wet, and then dry, weather over the summer took its tole on farmer's crops.

Peter Ackerman owns Ackerman Farms and says the wet weather brought a challenge to planting.

"It was tough to get everything planted, seems winter held on for a while. Started out cold and wet then once we did get crops planted it was dry."

Ackerman says by Mid-September is when his crops are usually ready to harvest. However this year Ackerman is a few weeks behind, and crop levels are below their averages.

"For corn you're looking at 150 bushels being a good yield, this year we are averaging 40-70 bushels."

Weather continually poses a threat to crops that are still growing. The next challenge is the possibility of an early frost.

"The corn that's out there is mature, so if we get an early frost it won't be the end of the world."

Even though this years crop will be smaller then normal, Ackerman says overall they have had a pretty good year.

"Everything went alright, it's just the yield was less then what we wanted to see."


Peter Ackerman begins to harvest his crops. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)