ST. CLOUD - 16-year-old Alexandra Lee has dreamt of working in the medial field for years and already has no shortage of experience.


Over the last two years, the Saint John’s Prep junior has volunteered at St. Cloud Hospital. Her volunteering gives her a chance to interact with patients by delivering snacks and mail to their rooms.

Alexandra Lee (Dan DeBaun, WJON)
Alexandra Lee (Dan DeBaun, WJON)

"You know that a lot of times the patients, like, it's probably not a fun thing to be in the hospital so it's nice to give them something that makes them feel a little bit better."

Lee says her interest in the medical field was amplified during a surgery room open house she attended in the ninth grade with her Mom.

"You got to tour the operating rooms and I saw some volunteers. I thought that looked very cool and volunteering in this environment would be really cool, so I went home and applied from there."

Megan Richert, the administrative assistant for the hospital volunteer program says her two years of hard work has led to her nomination and election as president of the junior volunteer advisory board.

"She's a great leader, a great peer and someone for the other voulnteers to look up to and to stirve to be like."

Lee says she's met a ton of people through volunteering and enjoys spending time with other volunteers after her shifts. She loves the hospital environment and is learning all she can for a future career.

"I really like doing PACU, which is the post anesthesia care unit, just because I really like the enviornment down there with all the nurses checking on patients and monitors and equipment."

Her favorite subjects in school are math and science. Lee is also involved in cross country, earning her personal best time at a Minnesota State cross county race in November.

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