Today on WJON's Voices for Veterans segment I talked with 4 members of the St. Cloud V.A.  They are Director Dr. Brent Thelen, Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable, Health Hub Coordinator Melissa LaFleur and TeleHealth Coordinator Joann Houge.  We talked about what veterans can expect when wanting and needing to use the St. Cloud V.A. Thelen says they are still not wanting walk-in visits unless they are urgent in nature.  Urgent care needs are available from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Melissa and Joann discussed how the St. Cloud V.A. has expanded their Tele-Health services and and how veterans may find it quicker to get care when scheduling services through tele-health.  Melissa said that the Health Hub is assisting veterans with technology to help them get setup with computer or other electronic devices so they can use the Tele-Health services.

Dr. Thelen also indicated that veterans can always use the phone to call for help and for services if that is more comfortable for them.  He says they are gradually opening more options but doing so safely.  He says the St. Cloud V.A. is requiring masks for both staff and patients.

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