ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud police have arrested two people who were allegedly involved in the bank robbery earlier this week, including an employee of the bank.

The robbery happened at the Wells Fargo bank on 33rd Avenue South on Tuesday afternoon.

Based on information received from the public, the person originally identified as the victim bank teller was actually an accomplice. Employee 23-year-old James Hagburg of St. Cloud coordinated the staged robbery with an accomplice identified as 27-year-old Drew Coldiron of Minneapolis - he's the person seen in the surveillance images.

According to court documents, Hagburg originally told police a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt with hood pulled up walked to his counter inside the bank and handed him a note written on a piece of cardboard that said "Give me all the $ Both Drawers No Alarms No Problems". Hagburg then gave the man $23,000 in cash.

Once police releases photos of the suspect, several witnesses came forward and identified him as Coldiron. They also mentioned that Hagburg and Coldiron knew each other and had previously worked together.

Hagburg was reinterviewed and eventually admitted that he knew Coldiron and depended on him to give him heroin. In exchange for receiving heroin, Hagburg promised that he would not identify Coldiron as the bank robber.

Hagburg was arrested yesterday (Thursday), while Coldiron was arrested in Minneapolis by the FBI Safe Streets Task Force and Minneapolis Police Department.

Both men are in the Stearns County Jail. More information about the bank robbery, and their arrests is expected to be released at a later time.


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