ST. CLOUD -- As the weather begins to turn cold a non-profit organization has a way to help you stay warm during the chilly months.

From October to May Tri-CAP is offering their Heating Assistance program for households in need.

Doris Washington is the Program and Project Administrator for Tri-CAP. She says in order to qualify for assistance there are a few financial requirements.

"When you request an application the income guidelines are included in the application. What they typically look at is your income over the past three months."

If you qualify, a portion of your heating costs will be paid for through a grant. Washington says the amount of funding they provide is based on the number of scenarios.

"There have been some years we have run out of funding because we haven't received enough funds to administer the program. It also depends on the weather, because the worse it gets the more applications we receive and the money runs out faster."

Washington says last year they provided about $3-million in funding to serve over 3,000 residents throughout Stearns, Benton and Sherburne Counties.