ST. CLOUD -- After first opening in 1974, Skatin' Place in St. Cloud refuses to go out of style. The roller rink is our next stop in our Thriving Local series. The second generation family business is now owned by Jeff Jackson.

"We took over in 1985, that was my father and my mother. Then I bought in about eight years ago I think it was now."

Since the days of skating to Abba, the roller rink itself hasn't changed much. However, Skatin' Place has added more activities to stay ahead of the game.

"We've added laser tag, we've expanded our arcade, we try to stay hip with the times as best as we can without losing the cool retro side of things too."

Taking a trip to the roller rink for a class field trip is also a little different today than it was in the past.

"We did just start a new program with STEM field trips. Where now we also teach a half hour to an hour lesson and then they do the skating and have that fun activity."

Students learn about the mechanics of roller skating and other elements related to the rink.

"It's all related to science, math, technology, engineering and how roller skating works or how sound works."

Other than the nostalgia of roller skating and the new fun activities such as laser tag and the arcade, Jackson says people come back for one simple reason, his friendly team.

"Partially because of the staff that I have. They create a great experience and the kids always have fun."

Skatin' Place has 13 staff members. It's the only roller rink in the St. Cloud metro area. The next nearest rink is is Thunder Blades in Princeton.

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