Brooklyn Center police have been pretty busy over the last few years. Violent crime and gun crime have been a constant in the community located directly to the North of Minneapolis, for the last few years. Recently a hotel called the police to trespass some individuals, and when police arrived they not only trespassed the individuals but took 3 guns, ammunition, and a slice of ham off the streets. (You read that right, a slice of ham was mentioned and found on one of the individuals)

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Late last night, Officers were dispatched to a hotel located on the 2500 Block of Freeway Blvd regarding a trespassing complaint. Staff from the hotel merely wanted four young men removed from the premise as they refused to leave for approximately two whole hours. As Officers arrived on scene, the four young men were observed exiting the east side of the building and appeared to be evading Police. Commands to stop were given, but they did not stop initially. Eventually, the four men did come to a halt and complied with Officers. Officers began to identify the four young men, as hotel staff wanted them trespassed. During the identification process, one young man lied about his name, thus prolonging our investigation. The young men continued to show interest in a certain area near the building, as they would look back towards the area and asked if they could go back there. The location being referenced, had previously been walked through by the four young men. Being that they young men were being trespassed and not allowed to go back into the building, one Officer found it odd that they were highly interested in that specific direction. The Officer walked over to where the four men were drawn to, and discovered a freshly discarded fully automatic pistol.
All four men were then taken into custody without incident. In total, four arrests were made, consisting of three juveniles and one adult. Next to the original gun that was modified to be fully automatic, was a secondary pistol with a foregrip attached (also illegal, classified as an AOW or "Any Other Weapon" and is regulated by the ATF under the NFA, or National Firearms Act). The third pistol was located when detaining one involved party, who had made his way back into the building.... that he was just trespassed from.... During the arrest process, it was discovered that one juvenile had an ankle bracelet on (Electronic Home Monitoring). The ankle bracelet was wrapped in tin foil..... and a slice of deli fresh ham under the tin foil.... We are extremely fortunate that this incident ended without violence and the only loss being a slice of ham. We are exceptionally proud to have recovered three pistols, all of which were "Ghost Guns" (P80 lowers with no serial numbers), all of which had 30+ round extended magazines, one of which being fully automatic and another being an illegal "AOW".
It should be noted, that this incident is still under investigation and some details may be withheld to preserve the integrity of the investigation. Incidents like these require copious amounts of follow up.

While it is humorous that a slice of ham was found with a piece of tin foil that was covering a home monitoring ankle bracelet, what's important is that no one was harmed during this incident which could have had an entirely different ending.

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