One of the missions for the show is to introduce you to new technology. Every Tech Tuesday, my guest Pamela Muldoon talks about the technology that is all around us and, on the horizon, with a focus on the budding social media scene that is becoming increasingly important in marketing and making your business successful. The goal is to explain the lightning fast changes in real world technology in down-to-earth language that encourages us to embrace the mysterious technology landscape.

This week, Pam talked about back-to-school shopping and using online resources to save money.

According to The National Retail Federation, the average family will spend about $635 on necessities for grade-school children, and about $837 on college-bound students. That’s down from last year, but still a lot of money! She said that websites like and take less than a minute to sign up on and can direct you to hundreds of online stores, as well as do all your couponing for you.

The website comparison shops. It compiles school supply prices by text or email at a variety of stores and also tracks sales.

She also mentioned that, like at Globe University, some students use e-books that can be as much as 40% cheaper than traditional books. If e-books are not an option, students can cut 50 percent off textbook bills by renting from their college store or online vendors such as or

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Pamela Muldoon

Each week, we talk with Pamela Muldoon, the Social Media & Content Strategist for Globe Education Network. She oversees the social media and content strategy for all brands under this network: Globe University, Minnesota School of Business, Broadview University, Minnesota School of Cosmetology and IPR (Institute of Production & Recording).

She is also principal of Next Stage Media Group, a content marketing consultancy for business, with a specialty in audio content strategies and host of Content Marketing 360, an online radio show (or podcast) where she interviews top marketing professionals from around the globe.