One of the missions for our show is to introduce you to new technology. Every Tech Tuesday , you'll hear our special guests talk about the technology that is all around us and, on the horizon. It's our goal to explain the lightning fast changes in real world technology in down-to-earth language that encourages us to embrace the mysterious technology landscape.

Amy Lupold Bair/

This week our special guest was Amy Lupold Bair, the author of Raising Digital Families For Dummies®. She is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media, inventor of the Twitter Party, and developer of the Global Influence Network for social media-savvy bloggers like herself. Amy shares the wisdom of a mom and the feedback of a thoughtful consumer on her blog,

If you feel like the world your kids are growing up in is totally different from the one you knew as a kid…you’re right. From flatscreen televisions to smartphones to tablets to social media and more, technology has integrated itself into almost every aspect of our lives. (These days, even some kitchen appliances are connected to the Internet!) And while the ever-growing digital landscape offers vast opportunities for learning, growth, and entertainment, from a parent’s perspective it’s more like a fairytale forest: If your kids stray off the path, they just might encounter the big bad wolf.

Amy told us as the head of a digital family, it’s your responsibility to create and implement a Digital Family Policy.  She talked with us about some of the ways you can accomplish this.

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