One of the missions for our show is to introduce you to new technology. Every Tech Tuesday around 11:15, you'll hear our special guests talk about the technology that is all around us and, on the horizon. It's our goal to explain the lightning fast changes in real world technology in down-to-earth language that encourages us to embrace the mysterious technology landscape.

This week our special guest was Matt Janzen, District Manager of Wireless World. Matt gave us the inside scoop on the new cameras making their debut in recent months. These new cameras will allow you to upload your photos directly from their memory card to applications like InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

He also revealed his app pick of the month; Dropbox. It's a cloud-based app that lets you move all sorts of files; sound, pdf, word and photo, to an online secure storage area. He said he uses it everyday (as do Doug and I).

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