ST. CLOUD - A second grade classroom in Talahi Elementary have recently been using iPads and Moji 3D printers to design and create models of plants.

A class project that shows just how impressive technology has become in the classroom.

Each student in the class has an iPad throughout the school year. For teachers Sam Court and Anne DeFoe, its been a wonderful learning tool.

"The kids have been able to really be enriched through the use of the iPad," DeFoe says.

Students have recently been using iPads for their plant unit, using the tablet to study plant models up close. For a project, each student drew their own plant and sent them to a 3D printer. Today their 3D plant models arrived in class, each one originally drawn on a students iPad.

With this technology in use, Court says he's amazed with the students ability with the technology.

"It's amazing, we'll introduce an app or an idea and once they get the basics of it we're always amazed."


(Dan DeBaun, WJON News)