WAITE PARK - This (Sunday) morning at about 7:45 a.m. Waite Park police responded to the 2400 block of  Graniteview Road for a domestic call.  The suspect, 33-year-old Kyle Whalen, came to a residence looking for a gun, broke the back window out of a car and put a rag into the gas tank of another vehicle and left the area before officers arrived.

About an hour later a Waite Park officer spotted the suspect vehicle on County Road 6 near County Road 74.  As the officer followed the suspect waiting for backup to get into position to assist with a traffic stop the suspect made a sudden U-turn, as the officer was making a U-Turn to continue following the suspect vehicle, the suspect accelerated rapidly in reverse and rammed the squad in the driver side front quarter panel which disabled the squad car.

Whalen drove away from the crash.

The officer was not hurt as a result of the impact.

A short time later Stearns County Sheriff's deputies located the suspect vehicle and a pursuit into St. Cloud occurred. Suspect drove back towards the original call location and on to a path leading into some woods until becoming stuck. He fled the vehicle on foot into a wooded area west of Quarry Park.

The suspect was arrested in the area of County Road 137 and taken into custody without further incident.

Assisting agencies included the State Patrol, DNR, and St. Cloud Police.

Whalen was taken to the St. Cloud Hospital for evaluation and will ultimately be booked into the Stearns County Jail on multiple charges.

No one was injured as a result of this incident.

Additional information will be provided tomorrow as to the suspect specific charges.