ST. CLOUD -- A new survey is showing an increasing popularity among farmers' markets around the state.

Minnesota Grown is releasing the results of a new survey that shows consumers are looking to buy local food and support area businesses.

Paul Hugunin is the coordinator for the Minnesota Grown Program. He says the survey reinforces the beliefs many vendors had about their customers.

The survey found 89% of shoppers want to buy local, while 88% want to support family farms.

Over 50% of customers are also using social media websites daily. These mediums provide new ways for vendors to reach more customers.

Additional details shows the average shopper spends $26 every time they swing by a local food stand.

However, the vendor isn't the only one that benefits from this business. Minnesota Grown says nearly half of those surveyed also say they spend money at other local businesses.

Hugunin says this survey is the largest of its kind.

Hugunin says farmers are itching to get into the fields for their spring planting. Some vendors have greenhouses that allow them to begin growing plants indoors, giving them a leg-up on the competition.