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photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt
photo courtesy of Glen Schmitt

Schmitt explains the catching of walleye using slip bobbers isn't just a Central Minnesota or Northern Minnesota thing it is working statewide.  He says the momentum of slip bobber fishing has been gaining over the past couple of years and he feels he may be late to the party.  Walleye in mid summer tend to be less active but Schmitt says if anglers stay persistent with their approach they will catch fish.

Mayflies typically hatch in June in Minnesota and Schmitt indicates in big numbers are being reported on northern Minnesota lakes.  He says they can become tougher to catch walleye because they basically mate, die and feed walleye and panfish.  Because of their large numbers they show up on electronics making it more difficult to see walleye.

Schmitt indicates deer and wood ticks are prevalent right now in Minnesota so be aware of that and check for ticks when you are in wooded areas in the state.

4th of July weekend brings out anglers and many others planning on using Minnesota lakes for recreation.  Schmitt understands this and suggests those wanting to fish should fish early and late in the day and take advantage of cloudy days if we have them this weekend.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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