ST. CLOUD -- Supporters of a bill to ban conversion therapy in Minnesota are hopeful that it will still pass during this legislative session.

Reverend John Fiscus of Peace United Church of Christ in St. Cloud supports the bill. He says it would protect gay kids.

I have spent some time with a couple of survivors of conversion and reparative therapy whose parents meant to have them have a different life, but over the course of their therapy actually led them to several failed suicide attempts.

Fiscus says using the word "therapy" is misleading because the practice is not recognized by the American Psychological Association.

During the 2019 legislative session, the bill to ban conversion therapy was passed in the house, but it stalled in the senate.

The Minnesota State Legislature has adjourned for the time being due to COVID-19.  They are only meeting on an on-call basis with no standing committee meetings at least through April 14th.

Minneapolis and Duluth became the first two cities in Minnesota to ban the practice last year.

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