ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud area voters will likely go to the polls again this fall to decide on whether to build a new Tech High School and upgrade Apollo High School.

District 742 Superintendent Willie Jett will be proposing a November referendum for a new Tech High School and updated Apollo to the school board. He will lay the referendum foundation during a school board special work session on Thursday.

Last year, voters in the St. Cloud Area School District rejected a $167 million referendum for a new Tech and updated Apollo.

Just like last year, the new Tech is proposed to go on 33rd Avenue South.

After meeting with community and advisory groups this year, a few tweaks will be proposed to save costs: Jett will recommend the high school hold 1,600 students instead of the 1,800 proposed last year. He will suggest leaving open the possibility of expanding the school. Jett will also recommend reducing the school auditorium size.

In regards to cutting the possible remodeling cost of Apollo, Jett will recommend eliminating projects with the least amount of direct impact on student learning, such as a new gymnasium.

Jett will also suggest a two-part question on the ballot (last year, the referendum was only one question) : the first question would ask for the construction of a new Tech and the second requesting a remodel of Apollo. Question 1 would need to pass in order for Question 2 to pass.

The cost to build a new Tech and upgrade Apollo weren't included in the press release. However, Jett is likely to discuss specific costs during the special work session.