UNDATED - A new study says fewer heavy Americans are even trying to lose weight. Researches say they wonder if fat acceptance could be among the reasons. The trend over nearly two decades could also reflect people giving up after repeated failed attempts to get in shape.

The survey was conducted by Georgia Southern University from 1988 through 2014. In the early years about half of American adults were overweight, but now that number has climbed to 65 percent. Meanwhile, the number of overweight adults who say they're trying to slim down fell from 55 percent to 49 percent.

Bill Cocoran runs several Graniteman events here in Central Minnesota. He says he's met a lot of people who inspire him to keep moving.

We've got a woman that just reached out in the last week or two that's going to come. She's a five time breast cancer survivor. She's going to come within months of surgery in June to do a triathlon.

Corcoran says losing weight and being healthy is a long slow process, but it can start with something as simple as signing up for a 5K or walk this spring in your community.

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