St. Cloud doesn't have a water shortage.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON today.  He says water usage is high with the warm weather and lack of rain but St. Cloud is in no danger of needing to implement any type of water restrictions.  He says St. Cloud treats 16 million gallons of water daily and puts more than 16 million gallons of water back into the Mississippi River daily.  Kleis this is typical for those that use the river for their water and says the water they are putting back in is cleaner than the water they are taking out.  The St. Cloud water treatment facility is also a net energy producer with both solar and biogas.



Mayor Kleis addressed some calls from listeners concerned about road repair.  He says they are planning a mill and overlay on Killian Avenue, and work on Cooper Avenue South from 22nd street to Roosevelt Road will happen next year.  A listener wanted the city put more money into road work and suggested taking the funds from parks.  Kleis says money allocated to parks must go to parks because that was money approved by voters to go for that function.  Speaking of parks Kleis says the "Rock On" award given to health care workers and CentraCare for their work during the pandemic in 2020 will be put in one of our parks.  Kleis suggested Hester Park or Eastman Park near Lake George as strong possibilities.

Mayor Dave Kleis joins me every other Saturday from 8:10-8:50 on WJON.

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