ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- Stearns County is working with a number of other counties to address a little-known problem with storm-detecting radar.

A number of emergency managers in Minnesota counties are working to solve the weather radar gaps in some rural parts of the state.

Radar gaps occur when the lower portions of a storm go undetected due to the distance from the nearest radar station.

Stearns County Emergency Management has joined in the effort to diagnose the gaps and solve the issue.

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The gaps are most notable in portions of north-central, central, and west-central Minnesota. In Stearns County, that includes a large portion of western Stearns County.

Most storms are detected at low levels and are particularly dangerous in the summer when storms come with little or no warning.

A number of solutions have been proposed, but in the meantime, Stearns County is asking residents in rural areas to be especially aware of developing storms.

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