ST. CLOUD -- Plans to renovate the St. Cloud Municipal Athletic Complex are moving forward at the state capitol.

A bill that's being sponsored by State Representative Tama Theis of St. Cloud is being discussed by the Minnesota House Capital Investment Committee. Theis says the bill would be part of a bonding proposal and it focuses on key improvements to the MAC.

"So the baseball fields we're looking at turf and while a lot of folks will say oh yuck turf one of the reasons being is we are also looking at using the fields for soccer and lacrosse. They really beat up the grass and that's the reason for turf. But also just doing some different changes to the locker room facilities, and the hockey area would be getting a facelift and from what I hear it needs it a lot."

Theis says the MAC has a lot of much-needed repairs and it's time that we start to get the ball rolling on improving the facility. The project does come with a price tag, Theis says costs will be split between the state and city of St. Cloud.

"The project is about $24 million, $8 million will come from the city of St. Cloud and some matching money but the $16 million will come from the state in bonds."

Typically bonding projects are split 50-50 for cost, in this case, it's being proposed the state pays for 2/3 while the city takes on 1/3 of the cost. Theis says because the MAC is a regional facility used by several schools in the area for sporting events they can propose the state pay for a larger portion of the project.

If all goes to plan, the project could officially begin next year.

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